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The Cannibal Conundrum Mod introduces a cannibal society into the world of Minecraft, complete with deadly cannibal mobs, flesh cravings, and rugged cannibal villages to discover. This mod contains a variety of new items, weapons, mobs, blocks, and structures centered around cannibalism for a unique yet twisted experience.


Two new types of dangerous cannibal mobs are added with Cannibal Conundrum. The standard Cannibal mob is a hostile human armed with crude but deadly Bone Swords and quick on its feet, able to dash towards players and attack rapidly. These mobs pose a significant threat and will spawn frequently within the new cannibal villages.

An even greater danger lurks in the form of the towering Cannibal Butcher mini-boss mob. This Huge cannibal wields a Stonesaw, a vicious weapon capable of shredding through enemies with ease. Defeating this mini-boss in combat allows the player to get its formidable weapon from its cold dead hands.

New Weapons and Items:

In addition to the Stonesaw obtained from the Butcher, players can also get the Bone Swords to wield in battle. These swords have high attack but very low durability, so they must be replaced frequently.

The Bone Mask item causes all skeletal mobs to become friendly towards the player.

Several new food items are also introduced. Fresh Flesh restores hunger like regular rotten flesh, but it also gives the player an insatiable craving for more human meat.

Cooked up into a Flesh Chili bowl, this cannibal delicacy satisfies hunger even more but still leaves carnivorous cravings.

Helpful New Blocks:

Cannibal Conundrum Mod adds two new blocks. Skull Lamps are a source of light created by placing skulls on top of blocks. They provide illumination and eerie cannibal decor.

Bone Traps are crafted traps that hurt any mob that steps onto the block by impaling them with jagged bones. Players can use these against invading mobs.

Villages to Discover and Plunder:

Cannibal Villages are new structures that are generated naturally throughout the world. They are inhabited by hostile cannibal mobs but also contain spoils like flesh items and treasure chests. Surviving the cannibal hordes to loot these villages provides great rewards but also great risks. The layout of houses, decor, and enemies make each village a challenge to conquer.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Cannibal Conundrum Mod (1.20.1):