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Red Power Mod extends the capabilities of vanilla Redstone by adding new features and functionality from wires Simple Node System.


New wires: Wires can transmit a signal up to 64 blocks with less power loss than vanilla redstone wires.

New logic gates: the mod adds new logic gates, such as AND gates, OR gates, and XOR gates. These gates can be used to create more complex circuits than is possible with vanilla redstone.

New timers: Red Power adds a variety of new timers, such as delay timers and pulse generators.

Environmental impact: Wires can be affected by the environment. For example, water can short out wires, and lightning can damage them. This adds an extra layer of complexity to circuit design.

Simple node system: Red Power’s simple node system makes it easy to create wire networks on any block sides. Nodes can be used to control the behavior of wires, such as their power capacity and whether they are visible.

Urban aesthetics: Red Power is not only a functional mod, but it also has a stylish aesthetic. The mod’s wires and nodes are designed to look like real-world electrical components.

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How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Obscure API
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