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The ParCool! Mod adds parkour mechanics and animations to Minecraft, allowing players to feel like true pros navigating obstacle courses and urban environments. With skills like wall runs, safety rolls, and pole climbing, this mod transforms Minecraft into a parkour playground.


ParCool! Mod centers around parkour, the athletic discipline of navigating obstacle courses by running, climbing, jumping, and swinging overcoming both natural and man-made obstacles with speed and style.

The mod brings many of these real-life parkour skills into Minecraft through new mechanics, controls, and animations. Players can climb, crawl, wall run, and more to traverse their world in new ways. Special skills like dives, safety rolls, and cat leaps require timing and skill just like true parkour.

Some key features of ParCool! Mod include:

New Movement Abilities – Wall runs, pole climbing, climbing, rolling and more let players navigate like true traceurs.

Parkour Animations – Dives, rolls, cat leaps, and other skills are animated for immersive first or third-person views.

Stamina System – A stamina bar requires players to carefully manage exertion during runs and complex moves.

Configurable Options – Players can tweak options like stamina drain and unlock requirements to fit their playstyle.

Mod Actions:

ParCool! brings authentic parkour mechanics to Minecraft for fluid movement and navigation. Mastering these new skills takes practice and timing.

Roll: Absorb landing impact and maintain momentum through body rolls.

Safety Tap: Bend your knees upon landing to cushion the impact.

Cat Leap: Jump and grab onto walls or elevated surfaces for scaling obstacles.

Pole Climb: Ascend vertical structures like poles and fences with agility and control.

Crawl: Navigate tight spaces and move stealthily through low areas.

Dive: Enter a special jumping animation with dynamic Diving and Sky-Diving motion (By pressing pressing jump key while in the Diving animation).

Dodge: Evade obstacles or attacks with quick bursts of directional movement.

Fast Run: Increase your overall speed while running.

Flip: Introduce front or back flips into your flow.

Horizontal Wall Run: Run laterally along walls for a unique animation and better navigation.

Wall Run: Jump vertically using a wall, great for a quick escape.

Hang Down: Dangle beneath surfaces by gripping ledges or edges.

Quick Turn: Pivot rapidly on your axis for faster changes in direction and to maintaining flow.

Slide: Squeeze through narrow spaces with increased speed and agility by maintaining a low crouch.

Wall Jump: Gain additional jump from walls by kicking off with your legs.

Wall Slide: Descend walls with style by maintaining contact with the surface.

Vault: Overcome obstacles like fences and walls with various jumping and vaulting techniques, including speed vaults and kong vaults.

Clinging to cliffs: Cling to cliffs and edges with different styles and animations.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download ParCool! Mod (1.20.1):