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Roost Re-hatched Mod introduces a new fast flightless bird mob called the Roost to Minecraft. This extinct species has been brought back to life by Illager experiments.


The Roost:

The Roost is an incredibly quick bird that can sprint indefinitely without tiring. It also possesses a gliding ability, able to gracefully drift through the air for 10 seconds before needing to land. Handy Roosts take no fall damage either!

You can tame a Roost using its favorite food, Grubs. Grubs spawn hidden under Overworld rocks. A tamed Roost will loyally follow you on expeditions.

Roost Riders:

Beware though, Illagers have weaponized the Roost! Special Roost Riders can be found guarding Roost Rider Outposts atop their trained Roost steeds. Riders attack quickly with long-reaching Glaive weapons during raids. Defeating them provides a chance of finding a rare Roost Egg that will hatch into a tameable baby Roost after 20 minutes.


In addition to the Roost mob, the mod adds a variety of new items:

Grubs: Grubs are crawlies that can be found by flipping over flat stones randomly generated in the Overworld. They serve as the favorite food of Roosts and are used to tame them.

Grub Salad: This special animal feed is crafted with grubs and can be fed to Roosts to induce them to lay eggs. It also works on other egg-laying mobs like Sniffers and Chickens.

Roost Whistle: This whistle is used to command your tamed Roosts. Blowing it will order them to sit down or follow you as needed.

Roost Egg: Rarely found at Rider outposts, Roost Eggs can be placed and will hatch into a tame baby Roost after about 20 minutes.

Featherlite Charm: Holding one of these charms will prevent you from taking lethal fall damage, with a 30-second cooldown between uses.

Voidlite Charm: This offhand charm will save you from the Void by teleporting you back to the last solid block you stood on, but only once.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Roost Re-hatched Mod (1.20.1):