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Explosive Enhancement Mod (1.20.4) | Better explosion VFX!

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The Explosive Enhancement Mod delivers more satisfying and impressive explosion visual effects in Minecraft. With this mod, vanilla explosions become much more spectacular.

More Particles and Customization

The Explosive Enhancement Mod adds many new particle effects for explosions. You can enable or disable individual particle effects in the configuration menu. This allows you to customize the look of explosions to your liking.


Options include additional flame and smoke effects, sparks, and more. The mod lets you mix and match effects until your explosions look just right.

Underwater Explosions

Additionally, the Explosive Enhancement Mod adds a special underwater explosion effect. When an explosion occurs underwater, the mod generates bubbles at the blast site.


The underwater bubble effect creates a burst of bubbles radiating outwards from the explosion. This adds to the visible impact and excitement when setting off explosives underwater.


How to install : 

This mod requires Forge
Mod Dependencies: Fabric API
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Explosive Enhancement Mod:

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