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Provi’s Health Bars Mod is a Minecraft mod that adds a health bar & damage indicators to the game. With this mod installed, players can easily see the current health/damage and the status of mobs through new on-screen health bars and indicators.


The main feature of mod is the addition of a HUD health bar that displays when targeting mobs. This health bar clearly shows the mob’s current health and updates in real-time as it takes damage. The appearance of the health bar changes based on the type of mob being targeted.

In addition to the HUD health bar, the mod also add visible in-world health bars above all mobs. These health bars float above the mobs’ heads and decay after a short time. However, they provide an easy way to get a quick glance at any mob’s health status.

the mod also accounts for mounted mobs. When targeting a mounted mob, the HUD will display two health bars – one for the mount and one for the riding mob. The mount’s health bar takes into account stacked mobs.

To increase visibility, Provi’s Health Bars include configurable damage and healing particles that appear when a mob takes damage or is healed. These are completely client-side and do not obstruct the player’s view.

The health bars and indicators can be extensively customized through the in-game settings menu. Modders can also use the API to add health bars and indicators for custom mobs and entities.

How to install:

Requires either Fabric or Quilt
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Provi’s Health Bars Mod (1.20.4):