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The Mango New Advent Mod is an exciting mod for Minecraft that adds a variety of new features, including new dungeons, boss mobs, equipment, and items. The mod also tells the tale of a race of intelligent beings who were banished from Earth by humanity and have now returned to destroy the world.


The mods tons of mods to showcase here but I defiantly encourage you to check them out yourself since they have unique and amazing animations.


The mod adds a few new structures to the world with loots and mobs guarding it such as:

Small mango tower that Mango knights guard with their lives.

Mini pirate ship with a cute pirate captain and his crew but don’t be deceived by their look that can hurt you!

The Mango New Advent Mod also adds a new mini-boss to the game

The mod is still in development and By the look of the mod is only adding the basics that are needed to build an amazing mod with many future to come such as New dungeons and boss mobs, New equipment, food, and items, and maybe even new dimensions.
As the curse page is written in Korean, here’s a translation of the mod’s story to give you a sense of the overall vibe The Mango New Advent Mod is aiming to achieve.

Once upon a time, in an era before civilization existed, there were intelligent beings with small bodies and orange skin. In the future, humanity banished them as mangoes. They surpassed human technology, and no creature could match their prowess… Realizing that the Earth was nearing its demise, the mangoes created a new dimension using their own technology and inhabited it. However, they observed humanity with knowledge, and the mangoes, which only a few humans could see, returned to Earth. Upon arriving on Earth, the mangoes referred to themselves as small fruits and decided to bring about the destruction of humanity after witnessing them consume their kind.

Now, you are the only person who can stop the mango.

Please become the hero who saves the world!

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download The Mango New Advent Mod (1.19.2):