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The Decent Biomes Mod is an expansion mod that enhances the Minecraft world with 7 new vibrant biomes, new trees, plants, and decorative blocks. Inspired by the charm of the Trails and Tales update, this mod backports features to older Minecraft versions while keeping performance and compatibility in mind.

New Biomes:

The centerpiece of the mod is the 7 fresh biomes it introduces. Ranging from the gorgeous pink trees of the Enhanced Cherry Grove to the ethereal glow of the Luminiscent biome, there’s plenty of new terrain to explore.

The Enhanced Cherry Grove draws inspiration from the 2023 Trails and Tales cherry biome. Dotting this lush forest are Cherry Trees with seasonal pink foliage and edible cherries. When the leaves decay, they have a chance to drop cherries which can be eaten or used in recipes.

Light seems to bend in the Luminiscent biome. The ground faintly glows in this mystical landscape. Luminiscents biomes frequently spawn among warmer areas like savannas and badlands. Their otherworldly atmosphere makes building here uniquely satisfying.

This one is my personal favorite not only is beautiful during the day but it transforms into an even more breathtaking place at night.

Those two biomes were the highlight of the mod but In addition, there are other 5 new biomes:

The Autumnal Orange Oak Forest, Autumnal Red Oak Forest, and Autumnal Yellow Birch Forest blend together seamlessly with gradients of fall colors. They frequently generate bordering each other with vibrant orange, red, and yellow leaves respectively.

The sunny Golden Fields biome paints vast landscapes in shining golden wildflowers. Building in these fields captures their radiant ambiance.

Delicate pastel-colored flowers carpet the grassy Floral Fields. The diversity of flowers makes this an idyllic space for farming dyes or appreciating the view.

New Flora and Crops:

In addition to new biomes, Decent Biomes introduces new flora and farmable crops.

Palm Trees sprout on beachfronts, yielding wood, coconuts, and vines. Coconuts can be eaten for nourishment or crafted into recipes and decorations.

Apple Trees dot some forest biomes, producing delicious apples.

How to install:

Requires either Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Decent Biomes Mod (1.20.1):