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Plenty of Golems Mod adds a wide variety of golems to the game world. Each golem possesses special abilities and boasts a distinct and amazing appearance. There are four different types of golems in Plenty of Golems: small, medium, giant, and First of type.

Added Golems:

Here are some of the newly added ones:

Small Golems:

Candle Golem: With the ability to emit light, this golem illuminates the darkest corners. It also has a fiery surprise for enemies, setting them ablaze.

Barrel Golem: The Barrel Golem barrels into enemies. Also, it can serve as a useful storage container when needed.

Medium Golems:

Honey Golem: Slowing down enemies with a sticky stream of honey, the Honey Golem provides tactical advantages in battle.

Blast Furnace Golem: This fiery golem sets mobs ablaze within a specific area.

Nether Golem: With a combination of melee attacks and explosive fists, the Nether Golem can be considered one of the strongest golems.

Giant Golems:

Obsidian Golem: Another guardian of a hidden structure, the Obsidian Golem defends by shooting rays at enemies. In close proximity, it unleashes a devastating area attack, leaving no escape for its foes.

First of Golems:

First of the Village: Find the structure of the First of the Village to witness its incredible ability to stun enemies in a large area, leaving them vulnerable to your subsequent attacks.

Awakening The Golems:

Giants and the First of Types need to be found inside the different structures around the world and need to be awakened from their deep slumber.

There are still a bunch of other golems to explore you can check them out on the Curseforge page.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Plenty of Golems Mod (1.20.1):