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Dive into the depths of the Angling Mod and explore a whole new underwater world. Discover unique fish, feed them, and breed them in your improved aquariums.

Overview Of The Mod:


The Angling Mod introduces worms – up to three can be found within a block. Obtaining them involves some luck! find a grass block with particles and break the block under it, to get more simply bury them and wait for a bit.

Breeding Fish:

The mod adds fish breeding through the concept of “roe.” By feeding compatible fish species worms (or algae in some cases), they give roe.

As the fish roe hatches, a new generation of aquatic life, known as “fry” is born that inherits the distinctive traits of their parents. The mod’s attention to detail extends even further, manifesting in the form of vibrant colors and patterns.

Clams and Oysters:

Fish that are bread spawn algae and that’s why oysters emerge as crucial caretakers, devouring and managing algae growth. allowing more roe to be placed.

Angling Trader Pelican:

Meet the Pelican, When you’re out in the sunlight with a bucket of fish, this curious bird might grace you with its presence.
Upon spawning, the Pelican arrives with a random fish in its beak. However. it will engage you until you trade with it.





-Sea Slug**




-Bubble Eye*


-Mahi Mahi*



*Bred with worms | **Bred with algae

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, Geckolib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Angling Mod (1.19.2):