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Let’s Forge Bronze And Iron Mod introduces a rich collection of armor inspired by the early medieval period and antiquity in Minecraft. Immerse yourself in the world of historical combat with meticulously crafted bronze and iron armor added by this mod.


The mod features a variety of armors from different eras that allow players to equip their character appropriately depending on the type of battle or historical aesthetic they wish to recreate. Some of the available sets include:

Black Samurai

Red Samurai

Song Dynasty Armor

Sasanian Katafrakt

Byzantine Clibanary

Justinian’s Guardsman

Varangian Guard

German Infantry



Roman General

The Let’s Forge Bronze And Iron Mod has its own crafting system with what seems a more exclusive way of crafting coming in the future.

We recommend installing JEI for the crafting recipes.

Current Developments:

The mod developer is actively working on expanding and improving the mod. Here are some of the ongoing efforts:

Early Medieval and Ancient Armors/Weapons:

More bronze and iron armors inspired by various ancient civilizations are being added with attention to historic designs and detailing. Players can expect more variety to explore and equip.

and alongside this armors comes an arsenal of well-designed weapons and shields.

Mounted Combat Focus:

Special priority is being given to introducing formidable warhorses and specially designed armors tailored for mounted combat. This will significantly enhance mobility and protection during battles.

Debuffs for Heavier Armors (WIP):

Work is underway to introduce debuffs specific to heavier armor based on realism. This will make armor set choices more impactful.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Let’s Forge Bronze And Iron Mod (1.20.1):