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Vanilla Refresh Mod aims to improve the vanilla Minecraft experience by adding small quality-of-life features. These features range from simple things like player sitting to more complex features like player souls.

Vanilla Refresh Features:

Drop Ladder: This allows the players to extend the length of a ladder down and hang midair by pressing sneak while on a ladder.

Player Sitting: One of the most popular features of Vanilla Refresh is player sitting. This allows players to sit down on blocks.

Subtitles on Biome Discovery: Players will see the name or category of a biome when they first discover it.

Daycounter: keeps track of the number of days that have passed on the server.

Mob Health Display: Displays the health of a mob near you above your hotbar

Homing Experience Orbs: Experience orbs will fly straight to the players, making it easier to collect them.

Better Armor Stands: This feature allows players to customize armor stands. Players can now give armor stands arms and change their poses, which can be used to create all sorts of creative displays.

Spectator Ghost and Spectator Actions: Players can now see other players as ghosts and they can also use a UI to spectate a random player or exit spectator mode.

Tips: Gives players helpful Minecraft tips every 10 minutes. These tips can be about anything from crafting recipes to mod tips.

Player Statistics: Give a variety of statistics about the server-tracked events. These statistics can include things like the number of blocks mined, the number of mobs killed, and the number of items crafted.

Wither Drops Head: Players can now collect the Wither’s head as a trophy. This can be a great way to show off your victory over the Wither.

Features List:

There is still more to Vanilla Refresh Mod. Here is a full list of all the features that the mod provides:

Show Features
  • Player Sitting: Sit anywhere by facing straight down, crouching and right clicking. Your hand slot must be empty.
  • Mob Health Display: Displays the health of a mob near you above your hotbar
  • Equipable Banners: To equip a banner, triple click sneak whilst holding a banner. Your head slot must be empty
  • Homing Experience Orbs: Killed a ghast from a far distance? Those orbs will come striaght back to you
  • Extra Loyal Tridents: If your (loyalty) trident falls into the void, it’ll bounce straight back up and aim back to you without a hastle
  • Better Armor Stands: They now have arms, and if you power a lever near them it’ll swap their pose, with some poses inspired by bedrock edition. Poses 2 and 3 can be used to hang items on walls, using a invisibility potion to hide the armor stand.
  • Player Statistics: Using /trigger stats players will be able to view a variety of server tracked stats
  • Looping Jukebox: Discs inside a jukebox will play on loop so you dont have to reinsert it everytime you wanna relisten to a disc
  • Drop Ladder: Press sneak whilst on a ladder to extend its length down and hang midair
  • Custom Block Animations: Blocks including Enchanting Tables, Brewing Stands, Beacons, Wither Skeleton Skulls, Dragon Eggs, and Jukeboxes wil have improved block animations.
  • Death Sound Effects: Plays a sound effect globally to all players on your death. Set to play a sound based on how you died, or to a set sound.
  • Totem Works In Void: Falling into the void with a totem in hand/offhand will enter you into a sort of float mode till you reach land
  • Wither Drops Head: Upon defeating the Wither, it’ll drop its head as a trophy to show off your win
  • Subtitles on Major Events: Major actions like summoning the wither will display a dramatic title on screen
  • Subtitles on Biome Discovery: When finding a new biome, it’ll display the name/category name as a subtitle
  • Daycounter: Counts the days of the server and displays them at the start of each day
  • Griefing Gamerules: Within the settings menu, toggle in antigrief whether you want TNT enabled or disabled
  • Crops XP: When breaking crops, wheat, pumkins, nether wart, etc, you’ll have a chance of receiving a bit of experience
  • Low Health Sound: If you take damage at low health a heartbeat sound will play once
  • Better Lodestones: – Drop a named paper ontop of a lodestone to name it. Change the color of the text with dyes as well. Dropping an enderpearl ontop of the lodestones will create an instant waypoint, which can be teleported to instantly via ender pearls within 96 blocks.
  • Tab Display: – Allows you to display stats on the player tab list
  • Belowname: Display – Allows you to display stats below the player name OR cycle all their stats
  • Path Sprinting: – Paths now give you speed as an incentive to place paths around your towns
  • Tips: Sends out a chat message every 10 minutes will a possibly helpful minecraft knowledge tip
  • Viewable Gamerules: Use /trigger VanillaRefresh_gamerules in chat to see the gamerules and vanilla refresh features the server you are on has configured!
  • Stands and Frames Invisibility: Throw an invisibility potion on an armor stand or item frame to make it invisible, use a splash water bottle to make it reappear!
  • Recovery Coordinates: Makes the recovery compass show the coordinates and dimension where you died
  • Readable Clocks: Holding a clock will show day you’re on and time. Put it up on an item frame to see the time without needing to hold it.
  • Party Cake: Make your cakes more surprising by dropping a firework on them making them explode with confetti when eaten (no griefing)
  • Join/Exiting Sound Effects: Plays a notification sound when someone joins or exits the game
  • Better Baby Zombies: Halves the health of baby zombies but makes them more excited (Jumps more, and slightly faster)
  • Anvil Ungrinding: Accidentally made more deepslate tile stairs then you’d ever need? Place an anvil on top of it to convert it back into Cobbled Deepslate. This works for many other blocks like blue ice, stone bricks, and stripped logs.
  • Echo Shard Silence: Drop an echo shard ontop of a mob to silence it. You can get that echo shard back by either killing the mob, or placing water ontop of it.
  • Spectator Ghost: Gives players in spectator mode a white effect particle visible to non spectator players.
  • Spectator Actions: When entering spectator mode, you’ll be given UI actions that can be clicked to spectate a random player or exit spectator mode
  • Time Offset: You know how the Minecraft Day oddly starts on day 0? Vanilla Refresh adds +1 so that when you first create the world, you’re on day 1! On existing worlds, your world will have +1 day added.
Show Features (Disabled by Default)
  • Soul Links: Similar to a type of grave. Souls will store your XP and Items via a soul you drop on death, simply get close to the soul and your items will return to you and 80% of your XP levels. Souls cannot burn in lava, and if it will in the void it will make an attempt to tp to the highest point of land it can. If not, teleports to y 96
  • Enderdragon Drops Elytra: Makes the dragon drop elytra on each kill, animated with a pretty epic particle animation.
  • Renewable Dragon Eggs: Makes the dragon drop a dragon egg on each kill, not just on its first kill, also animated with a pretty epic particle animation.
  • Death Stats: On death, your death count and time since last death will be announced
  • Local Death Sound Effect: Sound effect that plays locally to players who have died
  • First Join Chat Message: Lets players know when a member who has joined for their first time joins, along with their member join order number.
  • Dynamic Optifine Lighting: (Buggy and may cause lag) Makes torches emit light in your hand on the serverside
  • Exploding Blast Furnace: Disabled by default- for a good reason. This is a joke feature, unless you do actually want exploding blast furnaces lol

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, or Quilt
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Vanilla Refresh Mod (1.20.4):