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The Goblin Traders Mod introduces new mobs to Minecraft the goblin traders, unique merchants found in the depths of the overworld and the Nether. They offer exclusive trades that will undoubtedly speed up your progress.

Traders Types:

The Mod has two distinct traders: the Goblin Trader and the Vein Goblin Trader.

Overworld Trader:

The Goblin Trader, as its name suggests, resides in the overworld, hidden within the depths of caves. These crafty traders possess a unique set of trades, offering players access to rare and powerful items for the correct price.

They accept a range of different and random items, going up in rarity the better the trade.

The trades are random each time you encounter a new trader.

Nether Trader:

Venturing into the depths of the Nether, players may encounter the Vein Goblin Trader. This trader, unlike its overworld counterpart, specializes in trades that revolve around Nether-exclusive items. Engaging in trades with the Vein Goblin Trader grants players access to powerful tools and resources that can take a lot of time to obtain.

Vein Goblin Trader trades.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Catalogue, Framework
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Goblin Traders Mod (1.20.1):