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Shadow’s Formidable Foes: The HeadHunter Mod adds a powerful boss mob to Minecraft called the HeadHunter. This formidable foe wields deadly weapons and features multiple attack moves to challenge even the most prepared players.

About The HeadHunter:

The mod adds the HeadHunter boss to hunt down and collect the heads of the most powerful enemies in the game and that includes you! With 15 unique animated attacks, special mechanics, and high-damage moves, the HeadHunter presents a serious threat. Weapons like The Widowmaker pistol that never misses and the Carnage greatsword capable of shockwave attacks make the HeadHunter a lethal enemy.

How to Summon The HeadHunter:

Summoning the Head hunter is simple all you need is 1 Gunpowder,1 Leather Cap, and 1 Iron Sword

The HeadHunter also has four difficulty variants for those seeking an even greater challenge and better rewards.


To help prepare for this battle, players can craft either a basic or advanced Formless Guide using paper and books. This guide unlocks advancements that provide key intel discovered about the HeadHunter’s attacks and abilities. Learning moves like the Bullet Storm attack that showers the area in pistol shots, the Charge combo starting with a bullet barrage, and the devastating Greatsword knockup attack will give players a fighting chance.


Defeating the boss is no easy task, but doing so will reward players with Bloodied Diamonds. These can be used to apply a unique and powerful enchantment to gear.

While victory is not guaranteed, proper preparation and knowledge of the HeadHunter’s moveset will give players the best shot at taking down this lethal foe. The Shadow’s Formidable Foes mod perfectly balances difficulty and animation for those seeking an epic boss battle.

We recommend installing the Better Combat Mod for an even greater experience:

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Shadow’s Formidable Foes: The HeadHunter Mod (1.19.2):