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The Lost Castle Mod is a Mod that introduces an enormous castle filled with infinite fortune and mysteries from a long-forgotten civilization. This mod is a former structure of End Remastered and the castle in itself is pretty rare, spawning multiple thousands of blocks away from spawn. To locate the castle, you will need a map given by a journeyman cartographer. However, be wary of the illagers guarding the castle, as they will do anything to protect their fortune.

Discovering the Castle:

To begin your journey, obtain the map from the cryptographer journeyman villager and embark on your quest to find The Lost Castle.

The journey will be challenging, as the castle is located far away from spawn and may require a lot of exploration.

If got lucky and managed to find the castle, you’ll be met with a grand entrance that leads to numerous corridors, chambers, and rooms filled with amazing loot.

Exploring the Castle:

The castle is a big structure, and exploring it can take hours. The various rooms and corridors contain hidden treasure chests.

However, be cautious of traps and as mentioned before the illagers who have made the castle their home.

Oh, right there is a portal to the end inside. Because of “Lost civilization” and stuff.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download The Lost Castle Mod (1.20.1):