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Spyglass of Curios Mod is a Minecraft mod that adds a Curios slot for carrying and using a spyglass. With this mod installed, you can easily equip a spyglass in the new Curios slot and use it by pressing a key. The mod also allows you to adjust the magnification level of the spyglass by scrolling with your mouse.


The main feature is the addition of a Curios accessory slot specifically for equipping a spyglass.

This allows you to carry a spyglass with you at all times and quickly access it with a key press rather than having to open your inventory.

Once equipped in the spyglass slot, you can use the scroll wheel to adjust the level of magnification. The magnification level is saved per spyglass, so each one can have its own zoom level that is displayed in the tooltip when you hover over it.


There are many different configuration options that allow you to customize the mod to your preferences. You can toggle whether the spyglass model is rendered, set the maximum and minimum magnification levels, disable tooltip information if desired, and more. (The file is located in the config folder under the name spyglass_of_curios.toml)

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Fabric API, Curios API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Spyglass of Curios Mod (1.20.1):