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With Max’s Miny Golems mod, you can create your very own golem army to protect you and fight off any enemies that come your way. And with various golems to choose from, you’ll never get bored.

Golems Types:

Max’s Miny Golems Mod has a range of unique and exciting golem types to choose from.

One such type is the Dart Golem, which can shoot darts and inflict weakness or poison effects on enemies.

Can be crafted with a Leafy slab on top of jungle plank

Next is the Plank Golem, With the ability to shoot arrows and various tiers available, from Diamond to Netherite, this golem is a great companion

Can be crafted using a Carved pumpkin slab on top of oak plank

There is also the Mossy Golem that will create a healing zone giving the player regeneration 2, sadly this one is stubborn and won’t follow you unless you have a bouquet in your hand

Crafted using sheared moss on top of a tuff

Lastly the Grindstone Golem, This powerful juggernaut comes in three different types – Diamond, Deepslate, and Bricks – and is designed to take hits and lead the front line like no other golem.

Crafting a Grindstone Golem is easy – simply use the grindstone on top of its respective materials. (ex: Deepslate grindstone on top of polished Deepslate).

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Max’s Miny Golems Mod (1.19.2):