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The Skillcloaks Mod is a mod that adds 22 cloaks with different abilities. These cloaks can be acquired by trading with villagers. Each cloak provides some benefits while worn, while also looking good.

How To Get Cloaks:

To get cloaks you need to Trade with Master-tier villagers that sell sacks that contain them. The color of the sack determines the type of cloak that is inside:

  • The Brown Sack is sold by the Fletcher and the Toolsmith
  • The Green Sack is sold by the Farmer and the Fisherman
  • The Red Sack is sold by the Armorer and the Weaponsmith
  • The Blue Sack is sold by the Librarian and the Cleric
  • The Black Sack is given to you when you offer Nitwit villager a stack of emeralds.

and as we stated, each one has its own type of cloak :

  • Brown Sack: Agility Cloak, Cooking Cloak, Smithing Cloak
  • Green Sack: Farming Cloak, Fishing Cloak, Hunter Cloak
  • Red Sack: Attack Cloak, Defence Cloak, Ranging Cloak
  • Blue Sack: Construction Cloak, Firemaking Cloak, Thieving Cloak
  • Black Sack: Max Cloak

Types of Cloaks:

There are a total of 22 different Skillcloaks in the mod. Each cloak has a unique ability that can be helpful in different situations.

Some of the most useful Skillcloaks include:

Agility Cloak: This cloak makes you move faster and reduces the amount of food you need to eat.

Crafting Cloak: This cloak opens a 3×3 crafting menu when you press the ability key.

Farming Cloak: This cloak makes bonemeal affect a larger area.

Firemaking Cloak: This cloak allows you to place down sticks and they will turn into torches.

Defence Cloak: This cloak prevents you from dying once per day.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Caelus API (Forge), Curios API (Forge), Lucent, ShadowizardLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Skillcloaks Mod (1.20.1):