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Skillcloaks Mod (1.20.1) | Cloaks With Diffrent Abilitys

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The Skillcloaks Mod is a mod that adds 22 cloaks with different abilities. These cloaks can be acquired by trading with villagers. Each cloak provides some benefits while worn, while also looking good.

Skillcloaks Mod 1 - FTM

How To Get Skillcloaks Mod Cloaks:

To get cloaks you need to Trade with Master-tier villagers that sell sacks that contain them. The color of the sack determines the type of cloak that is inside:

  • The Brown Sack is sold by the Fletcher and the Toolsmith
  • The Green Sack is sold by the Farmer and the Fisherman
  • The Red Sack is sold by the Armorer and the Weaponsmith
  • The Blue Sack is sold by the Librarian and the Cleric
  • The Black Sack is given to you when you offer Nitwit villager a stack of emeralds.
Skillcloaks Mod 12 - FTM

and as we stated, each one has its own type of cloak :

  • Brown Sack: Agility Cloak, Cooking Cloak, Smithing Cloak
  • Green Sack: Farming Cloak, Fishing Cloak, Hunter Cloak
  • Red Sack: Attack Cloak, Defence Cloak, Ranging Cloak
  • Blue Sack: Construction Cloak, Firemaking Cloak, Thieving Cloak
  • Black Sack: Max Cloak

Skillcloaks Mod Types of Cloaks:

There are a total of 22 different Skillcloaks in the mod. Each cloak has a unique ability that can be helpful in different situations.

Skillcloaks Mod 11 - FTM

Some of the most useful Skillcloaks include:

Agility Cloak: This cloak makes you move faster and reduces the amount of food you need to eat.

Skillcloaks Mod 10 - FTM

Crafting Cloak: This cloak opens a 3×3 crafting menu when you press the ability key.

Farming Cloak: This cloak makes bonemeal affect a larger area.

Firemaking Cloak: This cloak allows you to place down sticks and they will turn into torches.

Defence Cloak: This cloak prevents you from dying once per day.

Skillcloaks Mod 2 - FTM

How to install : 

This mod requires either Forge
Mod Dependencies: Caelus API (Forge), Curios API (Forge)
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Skillcloaks Mod:

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