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The Beacon Overhaul Mod is about improving your vanilla beacon experience in Minecraft, introducing a new tier system, expanded effects, and powerful gameplay enhancements.

Unlock New Beacon Tiers:

The mod unlocks a new tier system, making diamond and netherite beacons have even more powerful effects. Each tier grants progressively stronger buffs.

Expanded Effects:

This mod doesn’t stop at tiers! It also introduces a variety of new effects to choose from, including:

Night Vision: Illuminate the darkest depths with enhanced visibility.

Fire Resistance: Brave the flames with immunity to fire damage.

Nutrition: Enjoy passive hunger restoration, keeping you energized and freeing up slots in your inventory!

Long Reach: Extend your interaction range, enabling you to interact with blocks and entities from a greater distance.

Slow Falling: Descend gracefully from heights without fear of impact.

The Beacon Overhaul Mod also refines beacon effects mechanics:

Full-Bright Night Vision: See the world in a whole new light with a higher potency of night vision, simulating midday lighting and removing fog effects.

Controlled Slow Falling: Master the art of descent with the ability to toggle between normal falling speed and slow falling while sneaking, providing tactical versatility in combat and exploration.;

Enhanced Jump Boost: Experience increased step height, allowing you to jump blocks even further.

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Beacon Overhaul Mod (1.20.1):