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Xenon Mod is a fork of Embeddium, the Forge port of the popular Sodium performance mod, with improvements, extra options, and new maintainers. This mod serves as a replacement for Embeddium on Minecraft 1.20.1 and aims to provide better performance and more customization options.


As a fork of Embeddium, the modincludes all the improvements from the Embeddium Extras mod, as well as support for vertical video settings thanks to code from Reese. The goal is to keep compatibility with most Embeddium and Forge Sodium addons so players can transition easily.

Shader Support:

Just like Embeddium, Xenon Mod supports shaders using the Oculus Mod.

The mod offers performance optimizations like Sodium to boost FPS, reduce lag spikes, and improve chunk loading. It also expands on those core optimizations with extra graphical options for players to customize and enhance their experience.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Xenon Mod (1.20.1):