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Salty´s Realistic Forging Mod transforms Minecraft’s simple smelting system into an interesting, multi-step blacksmithing and gem-cutting experience. Instead of just cooking ores, you now clean, smelt, shape, and quench each material with realistic tools and actions. The hands-on progression from raw ores to refined ingots and gems makes smelting feel engaging and skill-based rather than convenient and shallow. If you want a more realistic way from vanilla smelting mechanics, this mod delivers.

Mod Overview:

The mod adds new mechanics to smelting ores and steps for gem lapidary in Minecraft. It focuses on making obtaining basic resources like iron, gold, and diamonds more complex and soul-draining (literally). The mod adds multi-step processes to forging iron, gold, copper, netherite and to crafting polished gems from diamond and emerald ores.


  • Multi-step process to forge iron, gold, copper, netherite ingots and cut polished diamonds/emeralds from raw ores
  • Makes better usage of single-purpose vanilla blocks like cauldrons, stone cutters, and grindstones
  • Increases early-game complexity and progression
  • Ore veins drop up to 5 raw ores
  • Rough gems can be processed into two polished gems
  • Focused on immersion – no GUIs, everything is done by holding tools and right-clicking

Forging Process:

The first step in the mod for the forging process is to clean the raw ores. Raw ores can be cleaned by right-clicking with the ore in hand, using paper in the offhand which speeds up cleaning but consumes the paper, or using a brush in the offhand which is fastest and collects ore dust.

The cleaned ores are then smelted in a furnace or blast furnace into hot metal balls. Be careful Picking up hot metal balls barehanded will burn you! Use blacksmith tongs in the main hand to safely pick up and hold the hot metal. Alternatively, sticks can work but are less durable.

Next, with a smithing hammer in the offhand, right-click on an anvil or smooth stone to shape the hot metal into an ingot shape.

Quench the hot-shaped metal in water to cool it into a finished ingot.

Forging Iron Tools:

The latest version of mod adds iron tool forging. To forge an iron sword:

Smelt 2 iron ingots together into a hot iron bar for the blade, you can obtain them by right-clicking with an iron ingot in your main hand and another in your off-hand.

Shape the hot iron bar on an anvil with a smithing hammer

Quench the blade in water to cool

Cut and sharpen the blade on a grindstone

Forge a guard from an iron ingot

Craft a wooden handle

Combine the guard, and handle by placing the guard on your offhand and the handle in the other and right-clicking.

Lastly, craft the finished iron sword guard with the blade.

And there you go, you got yourself an Iron Sword…. can’t wait to see the ways hardcore Modpack creators torture players with this one.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Salty´s Realistic Forging Mod (1.20.1):