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Experience a chilling world with MutationCraft: Origins, a Mod that introduces a terrifying array of mutants and their monstrous abilities. Prepare to confront these scary creatures as you navigate your new world while knowing they can be lurking anywhere and These mutants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique abilities for example Some mutants are immune to sword damage, while others are immune to bow damage.


Mutants have high health and special abilities and they will spawn at night so reconsider before leaving your house at night! here are some of them :

chaos Galland:

Behold the chaos Galland, an awe-inspiring boss known as the lost knight. This fearsome entity instigates chaos through its diverse and devastating attacks. This horrifying creature only spawns in a single structure.

Abnormal Mutation:

Prepare for a daunting encounter with the abnormal mutation. Immune to sword damage, this opponent requires a strategic approach to overcome.

Carnophobian Mutant:

Similar to other mutants, the Carnophobian mutant is resistant to physical attacks. Exercise utmost caution when encountering this creature.

Rotten Skeleton:

A seemingly harmless creature, the rotten skeleton offers a surprising twist. Right-clicking this skeletal figure will unveil a very nasty surprise.

The Intoxicator:

The intoxicator stands as a formidable boss, summoning mutants and inflicting poison upon unsuspecting players. He can give you poison and summon mutants from time to time.

There are other mutants that we haven’t mentioned here. For more information about them, we recommend visiting the official mod curseforge page.


In addition to adding new enemies, MutationCraft: Origins Mod also adds new weapons that can be dropped by mutants or crafted with the hides given to the player after defeating them.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, Quilt or NeoForged
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download MutationCraft: Origins Mod (1.19.4):