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Neighborly Mod (1.20.1) | Your Friendly Neighbors Animals 

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The Neighborly Mod adds a wonderful new social element to Minecraft by introducing friendly NPC neighbors with whom you can interact and build homes for. With unique characters to get to know and a reputation system, this mod encourages forming bonds within a thriving neighborhood.

Neighborly Mod Features:

The Neighborly Mod populates the Minecraft overworld with neighbor NPCs that spawn in specific biomes fitting their personalities. For example, the cheerful unicorn Sparkle spawns in savannas, while the mysterious sloth Jasper prefers dark forests.

To initiate a conversation, simply right-click on a neighbor. Each has dialogue that changes daily, so frequent discussions are rewarded with new lines and a bit of XP. As you consistently chat, your reputation score with that neighbor will rise, unlocking gifts when maxed out.


The heart of the Neighborly Mod is the ability to construct personalized houses for the neighbors and invite them to live in your community. After reaching a certain reputation level, crouch-right clicking a neighbor will reveal the materials necessary for their dream home blueprint.


Gathering the items requested and inserting them into the blueprint crafts that neighbor’s unique spawn block. You can then position the blueprint where you want the house built, with its door side indicating the orientation. Right-clicking constructs the cozy abode in moments!


The Neighborly Mod also implements fun ways to transport, like equipping a wrench to lead them or carrying their blueprint block. If a neighbor unfortunately dies, they drop a spawn egg to revive them later without lost memories.


Neighborly Information:

Below is more information on some of the delightful characters added by the Neighborly Mod:

Chloe – This introverted cat spawns in cherry groves and plains. Her house requires cherry planks, light blue wool, and quartz blocks. Chloe enjoys tinkering with redstone contraptions.


Jammer – A musically inclined cat that spawns in jungles and bamboo forests. Their home needs bamboo, acacia planks, and a jukebox. Jammer is their own biggest fan when it comes to musical abilities.


Shroomer – A hip gen-Z mushroom that hangs out in mushroom fields and taigas. Shroomer’s house uses birch logs, red nether bricks, and amethyst shards. They love crystals and progressive causes.


Duckley – This sweet elderly duck spawns along beaches and rivers. For his house, he requests stone bricks, stripped oak logs, and pumpkin seeds. Duckley enjoys gardening and dispensing wisdom.


Sapphire – An inquisitive penguin philosopher who spawns in icy biomes. Sapphire’s blueprint requires packed snow bricks, snow blocks, and quartz pillars. They constantly ponder existential questions about the Minecraft world.


Roxy – A mischievous Nether imp found in crimson/warped forests and wastes. Roxy’s home needs nether bricks, red nether bricks, and nether wart blocks. They revel in sarcastic chaos and pranks.


The Neighborly Mod also adds packed snow bricks for colder climates. These are crafted from snowblocks and can be used for decorative snowy structures.


Neighborly Mod Wiki

How to install : 

This mod requires Forge
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

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