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Apocalyptic Fortress (1.19.3) | Nether Fortress Overhaul

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The Apocalyptic Fortress mod is a mod that improves both the exploring and visual aspects of the Nether Fortress. It introduces a complex and interactive Nether Fortress that rewards players for exploring it. With new functional blocks, expanded exploration areas, Items, and more complex interior and exterior designs.


-Expanded exploration area: The mod increases the size of the Nether Fortress, making it more extensive and enjoyable to explore.

-Functional blocks: Most of the decorative blocks in the Nether Fortress now have a function and interact with the gameplay of the fortress.

-Wither Skeleton Spawns: Some Wither Skeletons now spawn with a bow instead of a stone sword, making them more dangerous and challenging to fight.

-More complex Nether Fortress interior and exterior: The mod adds more structures and details to the fortress, making it more visually appealing and challenging.

-Difficulty-dependent features: Some features of the mod are greatly affected by the difficulty of the game, such as the Nether Fortress beacon.

Functional Blocks

The Apocalyptic Fortress mod introduces several new functional blocks. Here are some you can find :

Dungeon Chest: This chest contains common items found in the vanilla Nether Fortress. However, an unlocked dungeon chest that generates in the fortress can sometimes hold a blaze key. The blaze key unlocks a locked dungeon chest, which contains valuable fortress items, including Netherite scraps, Netherite ingots, Wither Skeleton Skulls, Enchanted Golden Apples, Witherite Shears, and Obsidian Talisman.

image 6 - FTM

Fortress Beacon: The beacon grants resistance to fortress mobs, including skeletons and blazes, and strips away the fire resistance from players in range. The ability of the beacon differs depending on the difficulty level of the game.

Apocalyptic Fortress 8 - FTM

Explosive Barrels: This barrel behaves similarly to TNT but explodes instantly when triggered with a fire projectile or redstone signal. It is affected by gravity and falls, causing an explosion when hitting the ground after falling.

Apocalyptic Fortress 5 - FTM

Pot: This pot drops a small amount of a single item when broken, such as coal, bone, arrow, and some potions. There are four tiers of items that can drop, including common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Falling on top of a mob causes falling damage equivalent to an anvil but breaks when hitting the ground.

Apocalyptic Fortress - FTM

Gold Pile: This pile of gold ingots drops 1-4 gold ingots, depending on the size of the pile.

Apocalyptic Fortress 4 - FTM

Nether Brick Pile: This pile of Nether Bricks drops nether bricks. Depending on the size of the pile, it drops 1-4 nether bricks. There is a 0.1% chance of dropping Netherite ingot (1 in 1000 nether bricks) when mined

image 5 - FTM

Items :

The Apocalyptic Fortress mod also adds several new items  to help you through your journey inside  the Nether Fortress, Here are a few :

Blaze Scepter: a ranged weapon with a durability of 100 charges. Each time you shoot a fireball, the durability decreases by 1. But don’t worry, it won’t break when the durability reaches zero – it’s not that fragile. You can repair it in an anvil using Blaze Cores as a repair material. Each repair material will restore 25% of the maximum durability, which means you can keep shooting fireballs until your heart’s content (or until you run out of charges, whichever comes first).

image 4 - FTM

Witherite Sword: This sword has a durability of 2031 and a damage output of 9. But that’s not all – it also has the power to effect enemies with Wither I for 10 seconds.

image 3 - FTM

Obsidian sword: melee weapon that can grant the attacking player strength I for 3 seconds. The chance of the player gaining this effect increases as the durability of this weapon gets lower. At the lowest durability, the chance of the player gaining the effect becomes 50% per swing. The strength effect cannot replace or stack if the player already has the effect.

image 2 - FTM

there are still more items and blocks provided by Apocalyptic Fortress to learn more about them visit the CurseForge page.

How to install : 

This mod requires either Forge icons8 box important - FTM
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Apocalyptic Fortress Mod:

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