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Enemy Expansion Mod is about expanding the variety of enemies players encounter in Minecraft through the addition of new hostile mobs. The mod aims to make the surviving and compact element more interesting and challenging by introducing enemies with unique abilities and behavior patterns.

New Mobs:

Sprinter Zombie:

This fast zombie runs at players when engaged in combat. If attacked, it will briefly become stunned before resuming its charge.

Slugger Zombie

The slugger hits exceptionally hard in melee combat. When struck, it gains a brief speed boost, closing the distance to pummel players with devastating blows.


This zombie variant does not burn in sunlight and will scavenge rotten flesh from nearby corpses or living zombies if no players are nearby. Meatures can be tamed with rotten flesh. They occasionally drop the Meathead helmet.


Mounted on skeletal horses, Equestrian zombies pose mobile threats. Their steeds will freak out and run wildly if injured, making the zombies harder to hit. Equestrians may use signal bells to grant nearby zombies speed boosts. Rarely, they drop the Horsehead helmet for similar boosts.


Emerging from slain zombies, these erratic flying pests are weak but numerous. Their spawn rate can be configured, potentially swarming players in large numbers.


Highly skilled archers, Huntsmen knockback players in melee and launch barrages of arrows from afar.


Thieving and cowardly, goblins flee combat but steal experience orbs on contact, slowing players briefly. Killing them reclaims the stolen experience.


Idle skeletal fossils resting in deserts become hostile if disturbed. Treasures may occasionally be found within. Prepare for a fight if disturbance is chosen over avoidance.


More powerful variants of regular spiders are found in dripstone caves. Damaged tarantulas will dash at foes. They can also be peacefully ridden when right-clicked. (kinda cute not gonna lie)


Desert scorpions inflict poison and weakness with their deadly stinging tails. When hurt, they turn completely invisible except for glowing eyes.


Passive giant beetles that inhabit lush caves. They defend against spiders and spit healing eyes in exchange for spider eyes, which can heal or empower when consumed. Angry ladybugs become deadlier Zadybugs.


Diurnal wasps swarm as a group at night, circling wounded foes. Their thoraxes can summon drone minions when thrown. Infighting may occur if drones are too close together.


Rare massive butterfly swarms bestow regeneration on players who pet them. They can also be bottled or eaten for quick healing, but attacking draws harsh consequences.


The most formidable new enemy, vampires drain health from victims with bites that also inflict blindness and a burning effect under the sun. Mobs turned will also become vampires. Injured vampires could turn small and regain all health, requiring swift finishing blows.


Slow but titanic brutes, trolls roar to push back players and other mobs when hurt. Enraged trolls become a whirling fury, twice as strong and feeding on nearby zombies to recover health lost in battle. Slaying them may yield items from devoured enemies. Sunlight petrifies them into decorative blocks.


A colossal hybrid of silverfish and desecrated skeleton, the silverqueen switches between rush-down and invulnerable coiled defenses. Severe damage could reduce it back to a worm, making victory possible.

Enemy Expansion Mod Items:

Phantasm Armor Set:

Granting night vision and enhanced abilities after dark, this rare Enemy Expansion Mod armor empowers players under the moon. The cowl provides night vision, cape resistance, leggings jump boost, and boots speed. Crouching grants extreme height and distance to jumps.

Phantom Eye:

Crafted using healing eyes and phantom membranes, these items allow the crafting of the phantasm cowl. They can also be thrown to temporarily bestow night vision on struck entities.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Enemy Expansion Mod (1.20.1):