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The Bodyguard Mod is a mod that allows you to hire loyal and skilled bodyguards to protect. They will follow you wherever you go, and they will fight to the death to keep you safe. and can also carry items for you, so you can focus on exploring.

Hiring Your Bodyguard:

To enlist the services of your trusty bodyguard, you’ll need to craft the item that summons them. Once summoned, your bodyguard will be your devoted employee, protecting you until their last breath.

Hiring them comes at a reasonable cost, ranging from 2 to 4 gold ingots.

Once hired, the bodyguard will take your name to indicate that you are the boss now.

How to Command Your Bodyguard:

You can command your bodyguard by right-clicking on them. You can tell them to follow you or stay still.

Empowering Your Bodyguard:

Keep your bodyguard in top form by equipping them with a sword, armor, and an immortality totem. These enhancements bolster their durability and combat prowess, making them even more effective in protecting you during battles

Useful Mining Partner:

Take your bodyguard to the mine, and they’ll assist you in carrying items by using their inventory. You won’t have to worry about complaints from your loyal employees.

Different Skins:

Once the Bodyguards’ are placed they come with randomly different skins, allowing them to adapt to your style.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Bodyguard Mod (1.20.1):