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V-Tweaks Mod (1.20.1) | New Vanilla+ and QOL Mechanics!

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V-Tweaks Mod is a small Vanilla+ and quality-of-life mod for Minecraft 1.20.1 that introduces new mechanics and interactions without adding any new items. V-Tweaks focuses on enhancing vanilla gameplay with configurable tweaks to blocks, items, entities, recipes, the player, and the world.

Overview of V-Tweaks Mod Features

V-Tweaks Mod provides a wide variety of tweaks and enhancements to vanilla Minecraft gameplay. The many configurable tweaks are focused on improving quality of life and adding useful mechanics without introducing any new items.

Detailed Block Tweaks

The block tweaks in V-Tweaks Mod make farming, harvesting trees, and lighting blocks much more convenient.

Crop Interact – Right-clicking on any mature crop with an empty hand will harvest the crop and replant a seed. This also collects some of the bonus seed drops, so you don’t have to replant manually. Crop Interact works for most standard plantable crops like wheat, carrots, potatoes, and beetroot, etc.


Tree Falling – Chopping down the bottom block of a tree trunk will make the whole tree fall realistically, like the ChopDown mod. No more floating treetops when you chop trees.

Cake Dropping – Breaking any cake that has not been eaten will simply drop the cake item. This makes cakes a renewable resource since uneaten cakes won’t be destroyed anymore when mined.


Torch Lighting – Right-clicking with any torch or igniteable item (configurable) on certain blocks like furnaces, campfires, and redstone ore will light or ignite the block. Great for quickly igniting furnaces and lighting up caves.

Helpful Item Tweaks

V-Tweaks Mod make items more informative and prevent unwanted destruction.

Durability Tooltips – Hovering over any item shows its durability value.


Food Tooltips – Hovering over food shows its hunger and saturation values.


Cactus Item Protection – Items that touch cactus blocks no longer get destroyed.


Immersive Entity Tweaks

Entities are enhanced with new behaviors, configurations, and mechanics.

Challenger Mobs – Custom boss-like mobs can be configured with abilities and AI behaviors using data packs.

Feather Plucking – Right-clicking chickens with shears will pluck their feathers without hurting them. Feathers replenish after a cooldown.


Entity Culling – Customize exactly which mobs can spawn in different dimensions and biomes via data packs.

Peaceful Surface – Mobs can’t spawn above sea level at night by default, creating a safe surface. Still allows caves to be dangerous.

Smaller Bees – Bees are shrunk down to be tiny and cute(As they should be).


Pet-Friendly Fire – Owners can’t accidentally hit and hurt their tamed pets.


Griefless Creepers – Creeper explosions will regenerate all destroyed blocks after a delay, preventing griefing.

Player and World Improvements

Tweaks that enhance the player experience and environment.

Corpse Drops – Items dropped when the player dies never despawn.


Better Feather Falling – Feather Falling IV boots completely negate fall damage.


Anvil Recipes – Custom anvil recipes can be added via data packs.

Item Repair – Repairing tools always cost 1 XP level.


Fluid Conversion Recipes – Items can convert to other items by being thrown into fluids.

Disable Storms – Thunderstorms are disabled, and converted to normal rain.


Check out the mod wiki for more details about the mod and how to customize some of its features using Datapack

How to install : 

This mod requires Forge
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download V-Tweaks Mod:

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