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The Spiritual Come Back (SCB) mod is a Minecraft mod that allows players to return to their items after death in a ghostly form. This Spiritual form gives the player a better chance to quickly recover their items and continue their adventure.

Spiritual Come Back (SCB) Mod Effects:

Panicked Spirit Effect

When a player dies, they are imbued with the Panicked Spirit effect for 120 seconds. This effect grants the player the Speed II, Fire Resistance, and Slow Fall effects to reach their items before they despawn!

Spiritual Protection and Armor

While in their ghostly form, players are still vulnerable to attack. However, if they are attacked, they will receive the Spiritual Protection effect. This effect grants the player a temporary armor set that will protect them from harm.

The Enigmatic Spiritual Flower

At the place of a player’s death, a peculiar spirit flower blooms. This flower has the ability to clear all spiritual effects from players who come into contact with it. Players can also break the flower to receive a random blessing or curse.

Spooky Advantage or Mysterious Force

If a player breaks the spirit flower, they have a 50% chance of receiving the Spooky Advantage blessing. This blessing grants the player 15 seconds of healing. However, there is also a 5% chance that the player will be cursed with the Mysterious Force. This curse will lift the player into the air and let them fall, their fate uncertain.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Fabric API, Kleiders Custom Renderer API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Spiritual Come Back (SCB) Mod (1.20.1):