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Simple HUD Enhanced Mod is a lightweight and easy-to-use mod that improves the game’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) by introducing customizable elements and features to display information.

Mod Overview:

With this mod, you can:

-Customize the position, visibility, and other settings of HUD elements to create a personalized HUD experience tailored to your individual preferences.

-Display a variety of information, including coordinates, FPS, velocity, light level, server ping, current biome, in-game time, system time, nether conversation, player status effects, and player movement status.

-Use the Mod Menu mod to easily configure Simple HUD Enhanced Mod and make changes to your HUD on the fly.

Features List:

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  • Coordinates (With Directions): Display your current coordinates, as well as the direction you are facing.
  • Customizable Elements (Modify Elements Presentation): Change the size, color, and transparency of HUD elements to match your personal taste.
  • Customizable Position (Move the HUD Anywhere): Move HUD elements anywhere on the screen to get the perfect view.
  • FPS (Frames Per Second): Display your current frames per second (FPS) to see how smoothly your game is running.
  • Velocity (Vertical & Horizontal): Display your current vertical and horizontal velocity to see how fast you are moving.
  • Light Level: Display the light level of your current environment.
  • Server Ping: Display the ping of your current server to see how responsive it is.
  • Current Biome: Display the name of the biome you are currently in.
  • In-Game Time (12 & 24 Hour Format): Display the in-game time in either 12 or 24-hour format.
  • System Time (12 & 24 Hour Format): Display the system time in either 12 or 24-hour format.
  • Nether Companions: Display the names of players who are currently in the Nether with you.
  • Player Status Effects Ring Timer: Display a ring around your player that shows the duration of your current status effects.
  • Player Movement Status (Sprinting, Swimming, Flying, Sneaking): Display icons that show whether you are sprinting, swimming, flying, or sneaking.
  • Player Armor and Items Durabilities & Count on the HUD: Display the durability and count of your armor and items on the HUD.

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, Trinkets (Fabric)
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Simple HUD Enhanced Mod: