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The Placeables Mod introduces over 80 new custom 3D models for vanilla Minecraft items, transforming them into placeable objects to liven up any build. Placeables is a simple yet powerful mod that transforms items into beautiful, interactive decorations that bring next-level detail and vibrancy to any space.

How The Mod Works:

Using the mod is simple. Hold shift and right-click with an item to place it in the world.

If the item is stackable, you can right-click on the placed item with another of the same type to stack it.

Shift right-click a placed item to rotate it towards you.

Right-clicking a non-stackable item or without the proper item in hand will pick the item back up.

Placeables Interactive Items:

Many of the placeable items in this mod are interactive in unique ways. For example, the placeable bread is edible, the eggs and books stack up to 3.

One of the cool interactive items is the placeable clock, which accurately follows the day/night cycle when placed.

Some other interactable placeable items include stackable ingots, valuable gems, edible foods like golden apples, farm crops like carrots and potatoes, bowls, and bucket variants like milk buckets and lava buckets.

Decorative Placeable Items:

In addition to the many interactive placeables, the mod includes a wide variety of decorative placeable items ideal for display. For example, you can place full sets of armor stands without the armor stand. The mod also has placeable tools like pickaxes, swords, and shovels; items like sticks, gold nuggets, bottles, and blaze rods; and music discs.

Placeable Baskets:

A new addition in Placeables Mod is the placeable basket block. Baskets work like item frames and are handy for holding placeable farm crops like carrots, potatoes, beetroots, wheat, and apples.

Ongoing Updates:

The Placeables Mod receives frequent ongoing updates, with new placeable items and features added in each version. The mod creator actively listens to community feedback and ideas on what to add next.

Currently added items:

❇️ Interactable

– Iron ingot: Stackable (up to 6)

– Gold ingot: Stackable (up to 6)

– Copper ingot: Stackable (up to 6)

– Netherite ingot: Stackable (up to 6)

– Brick: Stackable (up to 4)

– Egg: Stackable (up to 3)

– Book: Stackable (up to 3)

– Diamond: Stackable (up to 3)

– Emerald: Stackable (up to 3)

– Bread: Edible (2 phases, each gives 2.5 food points)

– Golden Apple: Edible (gives 4 food points, Absorption and Regeneration II)

– Cookie: Edible (gives 2 food points)

– Clock: (Day and Night cycle)

– Carrot (Stackable, up to 3) (Can be placed inside a basket)

– Potato (Stackable, up to 5) (Can be placed inside a basket)

– Beetroot (Stackable, up to 2) (Can be placed inside a basket)

– Wheat (Stackable, up to 2) (Can be placed inside a basket)

– Apple (Stackable, up to 3) (Can be placed inside a basket)

– Melon (Stackable, up to 3) (Can be placed inside a basket)

– Bowl (Stackable, up to 3)

– Mushroom Stew (Edible)

– Beetroot Soup (Edible)

❌ Decorative

– Iron Sword

– Iron Pickaxe

– Iron Axe

– Iron Shovel

– Iron Hoe

– Diamond Sword

– Diamond Pickaxe

– Diamond Axe

– Diamond Shovel

– Diamond Hoe

– Golden Sword

– Golden Pickaxe

– Golden Axe

– Golden Shovel

– Golden Hoe

– Iron Helmet

– Iron Chestplate

– Iron Leggings

– Iron Boots

– Diamond Helmet

– Diamond Chestplate

– Diamond Leggings

– Diamond Boots

– Golden Helmet

– Golden Chestplate

– Golden Leggings

– Golden Boots

– Gold Nugget

– Stick

– Bucket

– Water bucket

– Lava bucket

– Milk Bucket

– Blaze rod

– Bottle

– Water Bottle

– Nametag

– Shears

– Bow

– Crossbow

– Snowball

– C418 – 13 Music Disc

– C418 – Cat Music Disc

– C418 – Chirp Music Disc

– C418 – Far Music Disc

– C418 – Mall Music Disc

– C418 – Mellohi Music Disc

– C418 – Blocks Music Disc

– C418 – Stal Music Disc

– C418 – Strad Music Disc

– C418 – Wait Music Disc

– C418 – Ward Music Disc

– Lena Raine – Pigstep Music Disc

– Lena Raine – Otherside Music Disc

– Aaron Cherof – Relic Music Disc

– Samuel Åberg – 5 Music Disc

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Placeables Mod (1.20.1):