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Multipart Machines: Mining Mod adds Multipart miners and processing machines to Minecraft. These machines provide automated and efficient mining, crushing, and smelting capabilities.


Miner Crafter:

To get started with this mod you will need to first craft the Miner Crafter which will allow you to craft different types of miners one for each specific ore.


When it comes to miners, the mod features a progression system. Each miner mine its specific ore alongside shards that are used to craft the next tier.

Starting with basic miners for common ores like iron, bronze, and coal. These early game miners produce Tiny Ancient Shards when mining.

These shards are used to craft higher-tier miners like Glowstone, Lapis Lazuli, and Redstone miners.

The shards from these miners can create Small Ancient Shards to construct mid-game Amethyst, Gold, and Quartz miners.

These miners create Medium Ancient Shards used for The highest tier miners for rare ores like Diamond, and Emerald. These top-tier miners produce Big Ancient Shards.

The Big Ancient Shards are used for the last miner, The Debris Miner. Allowing you to mine Ancient Debris.

Mining Machine:

Beyond automated miners, The mod adds blocks that interact directly with the world.

Mining Machine (Tunnel) digs straight tunnels for strip mining if you are a fan of mining yourself, be careful it will destroy the mined blocks.

Mining Machine (Horizontal) excavates squares horizontally saving blocks in its inventory, Great for clearing space.

Mining Machine (Vertical) digs squares vertically mining all the blocks on its way, it will also clear fluids to save you the hassle of clearing them yourself.

Mining Machine (Digital) selectively mine only ore blocks, ignoring common blocks like stone and dirt, etc…

For processing, the mod includes the Crusher and Ore Smelter machines.

The Crusher efficiently crushes ores, tripling output for most resources like iron and gold.

The Ore Smelter have more ingot yields when smelting raw ores.

All of these Multipart machines have a System Controller block in the back. This block allows for automated input of fuel.

there is also an Input Controller for the Crusher and Ore Smelter allowing for automatic input of resources.

and to extract the mined/processed items you will need to place a chest under the Controller For example the miners will need a chest below the mined block model to auto-export mined items.

The Crusher exports from chests below the Raw Iron/bronze blocks model.

and the Smelter exports from chests below the ingots model.

To speed up operations, the mod also includes four tiers of upgrades – World, Nether, Ender, and Creative. Applying these upgrades to a Controller block will increase the speed of the machines.

Lastly, the mod is compatibility with 3 other Mods: – Immersive Engineering – Mekanism – Thermal Expansion.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Multipart Machines: Mining Mod (1.20.1):