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Creepers, TNT, or fire can destroy your creations and wreak havoc on your world. That’s where the Explosion’t mod comes in – to protect your terrain from destruction and your inventory from loss.

How the mod work:

The Explosion’t mod works by rebuilding any block that gets removed due to fire or explosion. When this happens, the blocks drop nothing and get rebuilt after a chosen delay, at a chosen speed. This feature allows you to enjoy building without the fear of creepers sneaking on you.

The speed set in config goes up by itself every 1000 blocks past 1000 to prevent explosions that would take too long to heal. Scaling can be configured, as well as turned off. Additionally, there is a command (/forceAllHeal) that heals all loaded blocks instantly.

Mod Uses:

  1. Protection from destruction: The mod protects your terrain from the destruction caused by explosions or fire, preventing you from losing the hours you spend in your dirt hours.
  2. Protection for inventory: When explosions occur, items can be lost in the debris. With the Explosion’t mod, this is no longer a concern, as chest and inventory drop nothing and get rebuilt with the items within.
  3. Configuring the Explosion’t: mod The Explosion’t mod has full config support, including an option to only heal in the mornings instead of having delays. This feature allows you to customize the mod to your preferences and play style. The scaling can be configured or turned off, giving you more control over how the mod functions.

Insta Heal after using  /forceAllHeal :

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Explosion’t Mod (1.20.1):