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The Passive Skill Tree Mod adds a new system of passive skills to Minecraft, inspired by the Path of Exile skill tree. Players can earn skill points by gaining experience and then allocate them to nodes on the skill tree to improve their stats and abilities.

How to get started:

To get started with the mod, you will need to gather some experience to acquire your first skill point. Once you have a skill point, you can open the passive skill tree by pressing the default key (O). Buy Skill Points and use them to unlock skills

Choosing a class:

When you first open the passive skill tree, you will need to choose a class. This is an important decision, as your class will determine which nodes you can allocate on the skill tree. 

You cannot change your class once you have chosen one, but you can path to other classes later in the game if you want using the Dimensional Gateway.

Allocating skill points:

To allocate a skill point, simply click on a node on the skill tree. Nodes that are not connected to any allocated nodes cannot be allocated, so you will need to plan your path carefully.

Maximum skill points:

The maximum number of skill points you can have is 85, but this can be configured in the mod’s settings and you can check how your status are effected using the Show Stats button.


The Passive Skill Tree Mod adds a number of new mechanics to the game, including:

  • Gems: Gems can be found in any ore and can be inserted into equipment on a smithing table. Each gem provides different attribute bonuses, based on the type of equipment it is in. To remove gems from equipment, you need to insert a vacucite gem into it. Vacucite gems have a smaller drop chance.
  • Life regeneration: Life regeneration is a new attribute that allows you to slowly heal over time. It also consumes a small amount of hunger points, so it will not work if you have 0 hunger points.
  • Evasion chance: Evasion chance is a new attribute that gives you a chance to completely evade an enemy attack.
  • Block chance: Block chance is a attribute that gives you a chance to automatically block an enemy attack with a shield.
  • Life on block: Life on block is a new attribute that heals you when you block an attack, regardless of whether it was an automatic block or not.
  • Life per hit: Life per hit is a new attribute that heals you when you attack an enemy.

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: AttributeFix, Item Production Lib, Curios API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Passive Skill Tree Mod (1.20.1):