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Complementary shaders is a shader pack that you can add to Minecraft to improve the game’s graphics, it can modify the lighting, shadows, textures, and water reflections, making the game look more realistic.


There are numerous reasons to use this shader when playing Minecraft. Here are some of the most notable ones :

Enhanced Visuals:
significantly enhance Minecraft’s visuals, making the game world look more vibrant.

More Realistic Textures:
Shaders can modify how textures are displayed, making the game’s blocks and items have their own shaders just like in real life.

Improved Water Reflections:
can create stunning water reflections and other liquids, making the game’s water appear more lifelike with realistic waves and transparency.

Better compatibility:
Complementary offer an exceptional level of compatibility, working well with mods that many thought were impossible to enhance with shaders. This means that you can play with multiple mods, without sacrificing performance or graphical quality. In addition, complementary shaders address several issues that other shader packs simply cannot fix.

Multiple customization options:
With complimentary, you can experiment with different combinations of visual effects and textures until you find the perfect setup for your gaming style. This can help you achieve a more personalized experience that enhances your enjoyment of the game.

Without Customization
With Customization

How to install:

This shader requires: Optifine or Iris Shaders

Download Complementary Shaders (1.20.1):