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Just Leveling Mod is an RPG-inspired mod for Minecraft that adds a leveling system similar to Reskillable. Players can level up various aptitudes to gain passive effects and unlock active skills. With enough grinding, you can unlock awesome abilities and become incredibly powerful.

Mod Features:

The mod aims to provide an RPG-style progression system to Minecraft. There are 8 aptitudes, Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Defense, Intelligence, Building, Magic, and Luck. Each aptitude goes from level 0 up to 32.

As you level up aptitude, you unlock passive effects and active skills. For example, leveling up Dexterity will unlock permanent Night Vision.

Higher-level skills need a lot of XP, so you’ll need to grind a lot to unlock everything. But the payoff is gaining incredible powers like permanent Night Vision, critical strikes, and more.


Each of the 8 aptitudes provides impactful passives and game-changing skills. Here are some passives and skills examples to highlight each aptitude:


The Attack Damage passive substantially boosts your melee damage output.

Meanwhile, One Handed skill specializes your damage further when using a single weapon. Together they allow you to dish out devastating attacks.


Max Health passively increases your health pool to tank more hits.

With Athletics, you can explore underwater longer without worrying about drowning.


Movement Speed makes exploring and strafing around enemies faster.

Quick Reposition skill gives you a burst of Speed II after landing an attack to reposition yourself.


Attack Speed reduces your weapon cooldown so you can strike faster.

Scholar to read item enchantments, you can equip yourself optimally.


Armor passively better protects you from damage.

Diamond Skin you get permanent resistance 2 effect


Block Reach extends your block interaction range.

Treasure Hunter skill gives you a chance to find buried treasure while mining dirt.


Beneficial Effect increases all positive potion durations.

Wormhole Storage accesses your ender chest from inventory.


Critical Damage boosts your critical hit extra damage.

Lucky Drop gives you a chance at double item drops from mobs you kill.

Progression System:

The mod does not just provide Aptitudes with different passive and skills but it extends to the game gameplay by locking certain progressing items and actions forcing the player to think carefully before leveling up. For example, the player can’t use an enchanting table before they level up their Magic aptitude to 12. This creates thoughtful tradeoffs – you must specialize and grind certain aptitudes before unlocking key game functionality.

Check out the Just Leveling Mod Wiki for more information:

How to install:

Requires either Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Just Leveling Mod (1.20.1):