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Iron’s Spells ‘n Spellbooks Mod is a magic mod that is inspired by classic RPG games. It adds a variety of new spells, equipment, and structures to Minecraft, allowing players to experience the classic spellcasting fantasy.


-Over 55 upgradable spells
-Over 20 equipment items
-Weapon Imbuement System
-Armor Upgrade System
-10 wizard armor sets
-5 randomly generated structures
-5 new enemies; a new boss
And much more!

Getting Started:

The first thing you will need to do is find some scrolls. Scrolls can be found in treasure chests, dropped by enemies, or crafted at the Scroll Forge. Once you have found a scroll, you can bring it to the Inscription Table to learn the spell.

Mod Materials:

There are a variety of materials that you will need to use the mod. Some of the most important materials are:

Ink: Ink is used to craft scrolls. There are 5 different types of ink, each corresponding to a different rarity of spell.

Focuses: Focuses are used to craft scrolls and equipment for specific schools of magic. There are 9 different types of focuses, one for each school of magic.

Arcane Essence: Arcane Essence is the most common magical material and the most important one and it is used to craft different items like Arcane Cloth or Arcane Ingots, and also used in more powerful crafting.

Runestones: Runestones are used to craft gear for specific schools of magic.

Other materials: There are a variety of other materials that are used in the mod, such as hogskin, cinder essence, arcane debris, and ruined books.

Crafting Stations:

There are three new crafting stations that are added by the mod:

Inscription Table: The Inscription Table is used to put spells from scrolls in spell books.
Scroll Forge: The Scroll Forge is used to craft scrolls.
Arcane Anvil: The Arcane Anvil can be used to upgrade scrolls, equipment, and weapons.


There are many new pieces of magical equipment that can be found, looted, or crafted in the mod. Some of the most powerful equipment are the spell books and armor sets.

Spell Books: There are 10 different spell books that can be found in the mod. Each spellbook has a different rarity and can hold different types of spells.

Armor sets: There are 10 different armor sets that can be found in the mod. Each armor set corresponds to a different school of magic and gives players additional power for that school.

Spells: The mod has a lot of spells that you can choose from with the Blackhole as a personal favorite!

The Mod has a lot to offer and their wiki is very detailed and well-designed so check it blow!

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: Caelus API (Forge), Curios API (Forge), GeckoLib, playerAnimator
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Iron’s Spells ‘n Spellbooks Mod (1.20.1):